Sole F85 – Review, Tips & Guide

Are you a runner? If so, you know how important it is to have a treadmill.

You need to be able to continue your training at all times. If you work long hours, going for a run in the middle of the night might not be the safest idea. If you live in an area where bad weather is more common than good, being able to stay dry while you train is a must.

But how do you pick the perfect treadmill?

It’s easy if you consider the Sole F85 first. It has everything you’re looking for at a price that’s affordable.

Ready to see what the Sole has to offer?

Keep reading to learn about the differences between the Sole F85 vs F80, along with how to assemble and care for your new piece of equipment.

Sole F85 Treadmill



The Sole treadmill features a precision welded frame and an industrial quality motor. The large rollers have a sealed bearing design that ensures your workout will be smooth, quiet, and static free.

It also has a cooling fan and an MP3 compatible sound system. There are heart rate monitors found in the pulse grips and included chest strap. I loved that it had an incline option of 15% and hit a top speed of 12 mph.

Sole Fitness F85 Folding Treadmill



I also need to mention that the Sole treadmill is a folding treadmill. It features a folding deck with a Safety Lock Design to ensure that your treadmill is always stored away safely.

The Easy Assist Folding Deck feature allows you to release the deck and step back while the deck slowly lowers itself to the floor. It just doesn’t get any easier.

Benefits of a Sole F85

If you need a little more convincing regarding the Sole F85 treadmill, I’m happy to gush about the benefits of owning one. Once you get an idea of just a few of its benefits, you’ll be ordering one in no time.

Large Deck

The Sole F85 treadmill features the largest deck of all their models. At 22”, it’s perfect for all stride lengths. If you’ve found that treadmills in the past weren’t able to meet your needs, I’m willing to bet the Sole will.


The Sole features unique cushioning that makes it one of the most comfortable treadmills I’ve ever used. Instead of feeling your feet hit the deck with each stride, you’ll feel like your feet and the belt are working together.

I’ve never had sore feet after using my Sole. Other brands left me in need of a serious foot massage the next day, but I always feel great after my workouts with the Sole.

You’re Always in Control

It’s very easy to customize your workout, even when you’re in the middle of it. The Sole features plenty of buttons to make it easy to adjust your speed and monitor your progress.

There are six auto programs to choose from as well, just in case you don’t want to be the one to plan out a workout. There is also a heart rate program that will allow you to calculate your target range based on your age and fitness level, which helps you to keep your heart healthy and prevent you from making the mistake of working out too hard.

Ideal Monitor

The LCD monitor is huge compared to other treadmills. It measures in at 10.1”, so it’s very easy to read. You don’t need to stop and squint to read your numbers.

You can read all your messages and check your speed, incline, and distance at any given time. You can also see how many calories you’ve burned, which is great motivation.

Technologically Advanced

You can enjoy your favorite tunes through the built-in speakers, and you’ll love the assisted folding feature. But what I found really neat was the Bluetooth technology that let me store my workout data so I could always access it and set new goals based on my results.

How to Avoid Injury When Using the Sole F85

Treadmills are serious pieces of equipment. While they’re not dangerous by themselves, having the wrong attitude about treadmill safety can put you at risk for a serious injury.

Here’s how to approach each workout with the right mentality:

Slow Down

You should never be running at a speed that’s difficult to keep up with. It’s too easy to step too far or not far enough and end up flying off the treadmill.

Remember that you can’t stop as easily as you would if you were speed running on the street. Take your time and build up to higher speeds with practice.

Mix It Up

You shouldn’t spend your entire workout at your highest skill level. Make sure to have sprints and slower runs throughout your workout.

You can use one of the included programs or make up your own. Either way, keep your muscles guessing to get the best out of your workout and prevent strains.

Only Using a Treadmill

Ask any runner and they’ll tell you how different it is running on a treadmill compared to running on the street. Make sure that your body doesn’t get too accustomed to running on a treadmill if you’re training for an outdoor race.

This can leave you disappointed with your performance and make you more likely to injure yourself.

Remain Focused

While one of the perks of working out on a treadmill is that you can catch up on your latest tv show or listen to the latest podcast, you want to make sure that you’re completely engaged in your workout.

If you’re new to running on a treadmill, take some time to get used to it. Not giving the treadmill 100% of your attention could leave you with both a sore ego and an injury.

How to Assemble the Sole F85 Treadmill

Your Sole F85 manual should tell you everything you need to know about assembly. I can assure you that assembly is incredibly easy.

The console and arms are boxed separately, and the main parts of the treadmill come pre-assembled. You’ll receive an Allen wrench and a screwdriver to assist you.

All you need to do is attach the arms, console, and cosmetic covers. Even if you’re not that handy, you should be able to have your treadmill assembled and ready to go in less than an hour.

Need a little more help? Here’s a quick list of instructions to help you through the basics of a Sole F85 treadmill assembly.

1. Remove all pieces from the box and plastic coverings.

2. Connect the lower computer cable to the middle computer cable.

3. Tighten the right and left uprights into the frame base. You’ll use the Allen wrench and screwdriver combination tool for this, and you’ll need 8 5/16” x 1/2” screws.

4. Connect the middle computer cable to the upper computer cable. Then connect the speed adjustment switch, with cable, to the upper speed cable. Connect the incline adjustment switch, with cable, to the upper inline cable.

5. Install the console support into the right and left handrails using 4 more screws and the combination tool.

6. Connect the computer cable for the fan assembly with the console. Then install the fan assembly onto the console using three self-tapping screws.

That’s it! It sounds a bit more complicated than it actually is. Once you get the first few steps down, you’ll fly through the rest. Always make sure that everything is tight and functioning correctly before beginning your workout.

How to Lubricate the Sole F85 Treadmill

You should only use Sole lubricant to lubricate your treadmill. You will receive one application with your treadmill and will need to purchase more from a Sole dealer.

If you use a lubricant not approved by Sole, you could void your warranty.

After you have used the treadmill for about 50 hours, you should apply the included belt lubricant. Use all of the container at once.

Spread it onto the middle portion of the deck, away from the edges, making sure that it’s under the treadbelt. Apply it along the width, not the length.

When you walk on the belt, the lubricant will be evenly dispersed. Gloves or other protection is not necessary. The lubricant is safe for your skin.

To make sure that the lubricant has been evenly distributed, walk on the treadmill at a speed of 2-3 mph for 3-5 minutes. Try and hit all areas of the belt.

You should not run on a newly lubricated belt until this step has been completed.

After this initial lubrication, you shouldn’t have to do another treatment until you have run for 1,000 hours.

How to Calibrate Sole F85

Follow these steps to calibrate your Sole treadmill. You’ll want to do this right away so that you can keep track of your workout data and make sure that you’re running at the correct speeds.

1. Remove safety key.

2. Press the Start and Fast buttons at the same time and hold them. Replace the safety key with the other hand. Keep holding the buttons until the console displays “Factory settings.” Press enter.

3. Choose from Metric or English settings using the up and down keys. Press enter to select.

4. Adjust wheel size diameter to 2.75. Press enter.

5. Adjust minimum speed to 0.5. Press enter.

6. Adjust maximum speed to 12. Press enter.

7. Adjust maximum elevation to 15. Press enter.

8. Press start to calibrate. Make sure you are not standing on the belt as the process is automatic. The belt will start moving without warning.

How to Fold Sole F85

When it’s time to fold up your F85 Sole treadmill, start by making sure that the treadmill is at the minimum incline level. Lift the deck up and keep doing so until it is safely secured by the locking telescoping tube.

This is located in the back center of the base.

When you’re ready for another workout, apply slight pressure on the deck with one hand. Pull down on the unlocking lever and allow the deck to slowly lower.

You don’t need to push the deck down. It will lower itself all the way to the floor on its own after you begin to lower it manually.

Weight Limit for Sole F85

The weight limit for the F85 Sole treadmill is 400 pounds, which is much higher than other treadmills and indoor bicycles, including the Keiser M3 Plus. This makes it a great option for those who have been unable to use a treadmill because of other brands’ weight restrictions.

This should also give you an idea of just how sturdy the frame is. Only high-quality and strong materials have been used to build the Sole F85.

The Sole isn’t the cheapest on the market, but it’s definitely in the running for being the best. With all of its amazing features and benefits, this treadmill should leave you more than satisfied.

Should you choose a Sole treadmill, you’ll be making a wise investment in your health and running budget. Skip the gym fees and guarantee yourself the ability to train, no matter the time or weather.

You’ll love the results the Sole F85 will give you.

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