The History Of The Great Joe Weider (1919-2013): A Body Building Legend

Whether you’ve been bodybuilding for years or are just starting to express an interest in the sport, you can’t go long in a gym without hearing the name Joe Weider.

For those familiar with Joe Weider’s contributions to bodybuilding, it’s hard to imagine the industry without his influence.

Joe Weider’s passion for fitness and excellence can be discovered in nearly everything he touched.

Explore some of his greatest accomplishments in this article, which touches on his career, products, and workouts.

Who Is Joe Weider?

Joe Weider, also known as The Master Blaster, was a publisher, fitness icon, and nutrition business pioneer.

He was born on November 29, 1919 in Montreal, Quebec and passed away due to heart failure on March 23, 2013 in Los Angeles, California.

Joe Weider worked with his brother, Ben Weider, to create a lasting legacy as founders of the International Federation of BodyBuilders.

He also created several bodybuilding contests, including the Masters Olympia, Ms. Olympia, and the Mr. Olympia.

Even after his passing he remains a well-known name in the bodybuilding industry, thanks to the longevity and everlasting relevance of his contributions to the field.

His Career

Joe Weider began his career at an early age. When he was 17, he spent his savings of $7.00 to send out postcards to a mailing list, advertising his magazine that didn’t exist yet.

With the subscription money, he rented a typewriter and single handedly put together the first issue in August of 1940. The magazine, titled Your Physique, ran until 1952.

He began to design training courses during the 1950s, including the Weider System of Bodybuilding.

The system, which focuses on strength training nutrition, is still used today by bodybuilders around the world.

The system focuses on many principles, like Staggered Sets, Supersets, Pre-Exhaustion Training, and Muscle Priority Training.

The system is designed specifically with bodybuilding in mind and has received rave reviews from both amateurs and professionals for decades.

Joe Weider was a strong entrepreneur. He started a fitness equipment company and a dietary supplement company, both of which still operate today.

He also started a publishing empire responsible for Muscle & Fitness, FLEX, Shape, and Men’s Fitness.

Joe Weider and Arnold Schwarzenegger

While Joe Weider’s name is known throughout the bodybuilding world, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s name is known throughout the entertainment industry.

But Arnold Schwarzenegger wouldn’t be a household name without the help of Joe Weider.

The Master Blaster discovered Arnold Schwarzenegger and brought him to the United States where he helped the young bodybuilder train for the sport and land his first film role.

Arnold Schwarzenegger would go on to win the Mr. Olympia title an impressive seven times while growing his film career to superstar status.

Joe Weider Products

The Weider name is synonymous with all things health. The Weider company, started by Joe Weider himself, has been operating since 1936 and supplies equipment, sporting events, nutritional supplements, magazines, and more to the industry. Here are just a few products to consider when looking at the Weider brand:

When you purchase products from Weider, you can rest assured that they have been made with quality and are up to their founder’s strict standards.

Trusted by bodybuilders and athletes around the globe, Joe Weider’s projects are sure to help you take your skills to the next level.

Joe Weider Workouts

Joe Weider’s workout concepts were before their time. As science has caught up to the suggested principles found in Weider workouts, studies and research have proven that the routines do in fact work.

Any Weider-inspired workout will include several of Joe Weider’s principles. Here are the details on a few of the most popular:

The Forced Reps Principle: The bodybuilder should repeat repetitions until failure and then allow a spotter to assist them in completing a few more. This pushes the muscles beyond momentary failure and encourages growth.

The Muscle Priority Principle: This principle pushes the bodybuilder to train lagging muscle groups first. By focusing on these muscles when the body has ample energy, heavier weights and higher intensity levels are used, instigating muscle growth and increasing strength.

The Superspeed Principle: When working under this principle, the bodybuilder works as quickly as possible, almost explosively, through the positive portion of a rep. This builds power, strength, speed, and muscle size.

With a little research, you can find a Joe Weider workout that’s tailored to your current skill set. With consistent execution, Joe Weider’s tried and true training principles can transform your body and performance.

Joe Weider will forever be known as the Father of Modern Bodybuilding and as an icon of the sport.

He has worked with some of the greatest athletes in bodybuilding and his legacy continues to inspire those who hope to achieve success and fame with bodybuilding.

A true example of entrepreneurship, Joe Weider’s success is a testament to his class and character.

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